Lia Bostian, LCPC

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I am trained in traditional talk therapy, also known as psychodynamic psychotherapy. This means that I believe in therapy as a collaborative experience. My job is to create a safe, confidential environment in which you are encouraged to talk freely, without judgment or criticism. Your job is to talk about whatever is of concern to you. Together we will try to develop insight into your concerns, find solutions for your dilemmas, and strengthen your ability to face the future.

In order for us to collaborate effectively, we have to feel comfortable with one another. At our initial session together, we will begin to get to know each other and get a feel as to how we would work together. We try to get an overview of the issues that brought you to counseling and set some initial goals. You will also have time to ask any questions you might have about my practice.

Typically, I see clients once a week for 45 or 55 minutes, depending on your insurance. Sessions are usually scheduled for the same day and time each week, but can be more flexible if needed.

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Lia Bostian, LCPC

50 W. Montgomery Ave., Suite 320

Rockville, MD 20850